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BMW E30 M3 S55 Engine Swap For Charity: Meet The SEMA Student Build Team [EPISODE 1]

[HONEST ASSEMBLY: MEET THE TEAM] You saw it on The Smoking Tire. Now The Drive is airing the students' build videos of the 11-month build challenge: a BMW E30 M3 S55 swap project to raise awareness for the Morgan Adams Foundation for children's cancer research. PLEASE READ...

CRC Industries will DONATE $0.05 PER VIEW FOR THE FIRST 1,000,000 VIEWS OF EACH VIDEO IN THIS SERIES. Please help the students reach their fundraising goal by sharing this video.

Honest Assembly is a build team formed around the idea that anyone with mentors and a commitment to perfection can succeed. Each build is designed by amateurs and industry mentors side by side. Their first challenge, by CRC Industries, was given to a team of students from Colorado. Go to or @honestassembly on instagram to find out more.

See the results on The Smoking Tire:

Please give anything you can to support the Morgan Adams Foundation:

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added on 12 Nov. 2019

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